Who We Are ?

Micro Automation and Control, Founded in Odisha in 2012, is among the Leading Manufacturers of Various Electrical Panels including Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panels, PLC Panels, HMI, Energy Monitering System (EMS) Panels, Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC )Panles, ACB Panels, MCC & PCC Panels, DG Synchronization Panels, Elevator Controller, Crane Controller, Automatic Rescue Device (ARD), Automatic Mains Failure (AMF)Panels, Boiler Controller, Solar Controller, Flyash Brick Controllers, Incomers and Many More.

The company adopting the main principle of quality and meeting the coustmer demands while conforming to standards, has maintained the use of technology and constant improvement of production standards and thus we are the iso 9001:2008 certified in quality.

Apart from this; We are also one of the most trusted and reliable providers of engineering sevices and products.

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